Access to Specialised Skills Quickly and Readily

The Precision Staffing solutions start with a consultative process where we will evaluate your current business needs vis-a-vis your staffing situation. The skill gaps between the current and the ideal are identified across various organisational aspects, whether in IT, sales, customer service or others, in Singapore or in your overseas offices. A timeline matched against your business plan will then be drawn up, to be followed by a proposal that covers the skill sets required, the type and number of personnel.


Unlike typical outsourcing options which work well when the skills needed are too diverse from the current staff pool and the service provider takes ownership of the project, staff augmentation offers the following benefits:

Quick to scale up and down according to business needs;

  • Better control over the resources which is essential for better integration with internal processes; and
  • Greater receptivity and less resistance among existing staff towards the augmented staff, bringing about a more co-operative work environment and enhanced productivity.


For companies having to deal with major projects and take time to evaluate other staffing models, a quick augmentation of staff resources may be suitable. Let us help you accomplish that project without setting up high cost barriers for yourself.  Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation.