Trainers with Passion

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced individuals who train with a vision to help you feel empowered to realize your dreams and improve your lives.



Entrepreneur, Facilitator and Consultant in Training & DevelopmentTerrence Wong is an entrepreneur who brings with him a wealth of practical, industry experience. His strengths are in leadership, personal development and enterprise organisation development consultancy with expertise in programme design, development and delivery.


Energetic and engaging, Terrence is highly demanded as a facilitator speaker, trainer and team coach for corporate and professional courses – namely on leadership, change management, team development, personal success, innovation and Innovative Training Techniques.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Certified Presenter/Facilitator Click Colours!
  • SapuraGlobal, Academy Director
  • Lithan Hall Academy, Assistant Director
  • Next Step Learning, Regional Director


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Helped companies achieve improved staff collaboration and skills competency aligned with business goals
  • Lead Head to all trainers in soft-skills training
  • Project coordinator for risk-sensitive projects in environments that are complex and diverse.


Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Content DeveloperJames Tong is a Human Psychology and Resource specialist with extensive experience in staff development and training. He is a leadership, personal development and organisation development consultant with expertise in programme design, development and delivery.


James is a highly engaging and energetic professional facilitator, speaker, trainer and team coach. He is much sought after for corporate and professional training programmes, particularly in leadership, change management, team development, personal success, innovation and Innovative Training Techniques.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Certified Presenter/Facilitator from Civil Service College
  • Certified Trainer for Teachers’ Network
  • Certified Lecturer with International Sports Academy (ISA)
  • Certified Enneagram ProfilingCertified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Facilitator Skills TrainerEnglish FA Coaching
  • Certificate Singapore Rugby Union Referee Level 3
  • National Coaching Accreditation Programme Level 3
  • National Coaching Accreditation Programme Lecturer with Singapore Sports Council (SSC)
  • Sword of Honour Winner in the Singapore Armed Forces Officer Cadet School. Currently a Major (NS) as a Battalion 2IC in a Guards Battalion.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Conducted numerous workshops for MOE staff on facilitation skills
  • Appointed as the lead trainer for training of Coaches and Instructors
  • Lectured in numerous educational programmes with ISA and SSC
  • Developed highly effective and engaging training content in the areas of personal effectiveness and leadership


Trainer, Sales-Marketing Expert, and CoachSer Jin is a personnel development specialist. With 20 years in the corporate sales and marketing, he has a knack in making effective connections with people. Coupled with his presentation skills and experience in coaching, Ser Jin is the ideal person for human resource development.


Ser Jin is passionate about imparting specific life-skills, such as rapport-building, body language, presentation skills, and sales skills to the younger generations, skills which are not found in regular academic curriculum. He hopes to nurture their EQ, which will enhance their interpersonal skills.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Associate Financial Consultant
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner
  • Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
  • Professional Estate Planner AIFP S’pore
  • Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore
  • Business Practitioners of NLP and NLP Executive Coach

Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Sales and marketing with MNCs
  • Overseas exposure, especially in Asia.
  • Senior Manager in Financial Services in a MNCs
  • Sales corporate trainer



Trainer, Communicator, Sales SpecialistAgnes has had an illustrious and colourful career in various professions across different industries. Both a Mass Communications major and a Psychology minor, she is an ardent believer that everyone should be equipped with soft skills beyond the academic arena. She is of the opinion that each of us, young or old, can learn to lead, whether in our own lives or in the organisations and societies that we serve. Having lived and worked in U.S. and China, Agnes is well sought-after as a highly versatile bilingual trainer proficient in English and Chinese. Currently a search consultant, Agnes is also excellent in spotting talents and identifying their skills and strengths.


Agnes’s extensive experience across a wide spectrum of genres and her exposure in helping youths in crisis make her a perfect candidate in the development of men and women of tomorrow.
Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, ACTA
  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, TESOL
  • Coaching Skills for On-The-Job Training by Productivity and Standards Board, PSB
  • American International Assurance (Singapore), Senior Manager
  • Molex Singapore Pte Ltd, Sales Engineer
  • Hitachi Singapore Pte Ltd, Account Executive


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Trained students in the following areas: Time Management, How to Manage and Lead, Leadership Development, Self-Awareness and Character Development, Teambuilding.


LEAD TRAINER – Elson Leong

Trainer, Facilitator, Educator and CoachA natural Youth Worker and Youth Educator, Elson is an expert and active practitioner in the fields of education, coaching, psychology and youth mentoring, always delivering with dedication and passion. Although relatively young himself, Elson has a penchant for educating youths and has touched the hearts of all whom he has inspired.


Highly talented and often positively reviewed by students and teachers alike, Elson’s knowledge and appreciation of lifeskills, leadership, communication and other soft skills make him a much desired workshop and content coordinator.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Mind Transformation – NLP Practitioner
  • Singapore Life Saving Society – Life-saving Instructor
  • Swimming Australia – Swim Australia Teacher
  • Singapore Sports Council – NCAP Level 1


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Personal Grooming and Fashion Style
  • Personality Tests (Enneagram, DISC)
  • Learning Styles (VAK)
  • Social Etiquette & Dining Etiquette Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Motivation
  • Verbal Communication
  • Public Speaking Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Building the Right Habits (7 Effective Habits)
  • Teaching and Inculcating Values
  • Service Learning
  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management
  • Youth at Risk
  • Sports Motivation
  • Youth Development Workshops (Indonesia)


TRAINER – Venkat V.M. Lingam

Trainer, Assessor and Content DeveloperA Human Resource graduate, Venkat V.M. Lingam brings with him over 15 years of extensive managerial experience. As a certified ACTA Trainer, he has trained managers and supervisors from various industries, and actively participated in designing and developing WSQ modules. He has also successfully kick-started many of the Advanced Certificate WSQ topics with WDA’s approved training organisations.


Venkat’s forte lies in Leadership, Business Management and soft skills training. Adept in the principles and teaching methods of andragogy, he is also an expert in pedagogy, focusing in a teacher-controlled environment, and has often received commendable feedback. Besides adults, Venkat hopes to impart his knowledge to primary and secondary students as well.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) – WDA
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – NSW TAFE
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Food & Hygiene policy and Practices – WDA
  • Cert IV in Management – Adelaide TAFE
  • Cert IV in First Line Management – Adelaide TAFE
  • Sports Medicine & Injuries – Australia Sports Council


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • WSQ Adult Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Speaker – MICE Asia Pacific 2014
  • Former instructor – Workshops for MOE students
  • Former lecturer – Diploma in Management and Diploma in Hotel Management
  • NEA Approved Trainer and Assessor
  • SCORE, Trainer, Singapore Changi Prison
  • Developer and Subject Matter Expert for WSQ Modules
  • Developed Leadership and Soft Skills for Corporate
  • Consultant for Private Hospitality Institutes


TRAINER – Philip Soh

Trainer and FacilitatorWith more than 20 over years in the Education, IT and Design industries, Phillip’s vision is to create a strategic learning and sustaining environment that is focused on communication skills and changing thinking habits so as to develop effective and efficient members of the learning communities. A change agent for organisations, Philip has played key roles in business transformation through his involvement in business assessment and value analysis.


An IT expert-cum-business consultant, Philips is all-rounded in a range of project management, multi-media technology, strong analytical skills, team dynamics, ISO processes, wide industry exposure, good communication and collaboration skills and customer relations. He is himself a life story with lots to impart to the youths of today.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • Obtained industry certifications related to Servers, Storage, Network, Security and Operating Systems
  • Effective Instructor
  • Certified in Awareness Skills, Basic and Advance
  • Authorized Technical Trainer for IT solutions, such as Microsoft (MCSE), Apple (Regional Apple Instructor for QuickTime VR), HP Servers, Storage and Network, CompTIA, NetApps


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Exposed to Instructional Design, access several CBT type training and authoring software, provided mentoring at a corporate level and sales team
  • Experienced in academic course design and teaching, including of exam marking
  • Provided sales enablement consultation to partners


TRAINER – Sarah Lee

Trainer, Facilitator and Marketing ConsultantSarah brings with her extensive marketing experience with various companies from MNCs to SMEs. Highly proficient in both English and Chinese, Sarah has been the writing force behind websites and marketing collateral of notable brands, and has bridged the Chinese-English language barrier for many, making her a candidate for training that requires language versatility. Well sought after for her copywriting and translation with a marketing flair, the double Masters holder also specialises in conference interpretation.


An ardent believer that our youths are the pillars of our future, Sarah believes that if each of us would unleash that child in us, we can connect with the youths, and every youth is potentially a star in the making if given the guidance and love. Keeping the youths inspired and motivated is pivotal in the process and she hopes to achieve this by imparting life skills to them.


Professional Accreditations/Experience:

  • S i2i Limited (formerly MediaRing Limited), VP Brand Management
  • Radiance Communications Pte Ltd, Senior Manager, Marketing & Product
  • Virgin Mobile (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Manager, Product Management
  • StarHub Pte Ltd, Senior Manager, Enhanced Mobile Services
  • SingTel Mobile Pte Ltd, Product Manager
  • IBM Singapore Pte Ltd, Sales Specialist


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Marketing consultant to SMEs
  • Freelance trainer with numerous companies, including Think New Asia
  • Lead Trainer for Language Translation Course



Trainer and FacilitatorAs an undergraduate with Nanyang Technological University, Lin Jin is active in planning and organizing activities and events for her school club. Although very young herself, Lin Jin senses a calling in helping the youths, with whom she would connect with ease. Inspiring in her own ways, Lin Jin exudes energy and passion in her motivational workshops, which her students truly enjoy.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Trainer in secondary school motivational workshops
  • Facilitated corporate team building events

TRAINER – Tan Zhi Sen

Trainer, Camp PlannerAn RSAF and Military Police awardee, Zhi Sen is a determined and disciplined young man who perseveres in whatever he does. The avid basketballer, who is a fighter when in the court, believes there are opportunities to learn and lead through an active lifestyle.


Well experienced in running school camps, Zhi Sen believes that when the youths around him grow, he would grow too. Adept in the areas of goal setting, time management, persuasive speaking and leadership skills, Zhi Sen has helped many expand their learning capacity in his workshops. To him, camps are where he would build camaraderie with the youths, and the sportsman in him hopes to be a source of motivation to them. Through confident public speaking, the Sports Science undergraduate knows how he will connect.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • TJC Student Leadership Camp 2011 (Organiser/Facilitator)
  • TJC SportsXcel Induction Camp 2012 (Organiser/Facilitator)
  • Temasek Appreciation Ceremony 2011 (Overall-In-Charge Organiser)
  • Temasek Ignite 2012 (Organiser)
  • Student Leadership Congress 2011 (Facilitator)
  • The Leadership Face-Off Challenge 2011 (Facilitator)
  • Learning Styles (VAK)
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Study Skills
  • Goal Settings
  • Time Management

TRAINER – Chua Min Pei

Trainer, Camp PlannerCurrently pursuing a business degree, Min Pei brings with her passion, enthusiasm and loads of energy. The former relief teacher and student leader is a learner-educator who aspires to work with the youths and develop healthy relationships that motivate. At a young age, her skills in organisation and leadership have already been put to test throughout her school days as an active member of the student council and various activities.


Highly talented in music and Chinese orchestra, Min Pei’s active and warm personality makes her a joy to have in group training sessions.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Head of College Image & Bonding Committee
  • Vice-chairperson in the School’s Orientation 2013 Organising Committee


TRAINER – Melvin Poh

Trainer, Camp PlannerApproachable and easy-going as he may seem, Melvin is one who seizes every opportunity to lead throughout his school days. A student leader, his exposure in interacting with youths of various backgrounds has developed in him a strong passion to help them develop to their fullest potential. It is little wonder why those whose hearts he has touched value his friendship and mentorship.


Besides the practical skills of organisation and student leadership, Melvin is trained in public speaking, having played emcee for many events. His outgoing and cheerful personality makes him a well-loved workshop facilitator.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Leadership Challenge Workshop
  • MindChamps Workshop
  • Gym Management Workshop
  • Facilitator Workshop – The Leadership Face-Off
  • Student Leadership Congress (Facilitator)


TRAINER – Gabriel Low

Trainer, Camp PlannerYoung and self-motivated, Gabriel is an active leader, organiser and learner, all-in-one, at the class level, school level, CCA level and community level. Whether as a community advocate, a civic tutor representative, a sportsman or scout member, Gabriel has displayed remarkable self-discipline and excellent time management skills.


The President’s Scouts awardee is also one with strong convictions. As the head of operations for the GALES Tiltshift Summit 2013, he was involved first-hand with youths from overseas to discuss how global issues may be tackled by their generation. A doctor in the making, Gabriel aspires to help people altruistically and for now, he aims to achieve this through youth education.


Consulting/Training Experience:

  • Overall IC of the 7th National Scout Lore Quest 2012 (Organiser/Facilitator)
  • Assistant Camp Chief of the June Training Camp in 02 Raffles Scout Troop 2011 (Organiser/Facilitator)
  • Assistant Camp Chief of the Toa Payoh District Sixer Training Course 2009 (Organiser/Facilitator)


TRAINER – Gui Jing Yi

Trainer, Camp PlannerJing Yi enjoys working on camp projects because it puts her planning, people management, time management, communications, organisational and execution skills to test. Positive and dedicated, her achievements in this area can be seen in the many camps, be it leadership, team-building or induction, under her belt.


Always staying cheerful and motivated, Jing Yi’s energy would rub off her camp participants, who have come to appreciate her camps that are often marked by high elements. The avid sportsman knows what it takes to strive for the best and to work as a team. Now a university freshman, Jing Yi hopes to continue to bring camping experience that is both fun and enriching to the youths.


Training Experience:

  • Temasek Appreciation Ceremony Organiser
  • Student Leadership Camp Organiser & Facilitator
  • Student Leadership Congress Facilitator
  • TJC SportsXcel Induction Camp Organiser & Facilitator
  • Temasek Ignite Organiser