About Precision Insights

Do More with Less

How do we increase our productivity while keeping costs in check?

How do we cope with increases in demand without creating unnecessary clutter?

How do we retain good people and keep them motivated?

These are just some of the issues businesses face on a daily basis. By knowing that help is on hand, many of these problems can be managed with ease.

At Precision Insights, we are deeply concerned with the viability of organizations from the efficiency and effectiveness perspectives, and that is why we have 3 key business lines targeted at the major areas of concerns:

  • Precision Technologies – Provides IT expertise and advanced IT solutions aimed at helping you achieve more with less;
  • Precision Staffing – Alleviates short-to-medium term manpower crunch with staff resources who are local citizens or permanent residents;
  • Precision Learning – Nurtures and develops individuals within organisations, corporates or schools, into motivated members and concerned citizens.

Precision Insights addresses your critical day-to-day operational needs by combining best-of-breed solutions with staff of relevant expertise, and aligning them with organisational goals.